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1.About Our Chapters::The Heart of NOWNJ

Our chapters are the building blocks of our state organization. As the only democraticly-structured feminist organization in New Jersey, each of our chapters retain 3 votes on our state board, making sure that the activists on the front lines are the ones making decisions for the organization. Also, it allows oftenly disenfranchised populations to have a voice in the organization's priorities, actions, and decisions.

NOW Chapters in New Jersey You can get the phone number of many of these chapters by using your phone book, or an on-line phone book. Some of the chapters do not have a business line, but use a person's home for their phone number. You might find out about the chapter's events in your local newspaper. 

Chapters: If you would like to list or change an email address or web page here, send us a message.

New Jersey NOW (state organization)   web site email  
Essex County NOW NJ0090   email
Middlesex County NOW NJ0225 web site email
Morris County NOW NJ0200 web site email
Northern New Jersey NOW NJ0300 web site email
Ocean County NOW NJ0320   email
Passaic County NOW NJ0340   email Inactive
Shore Area NOW NJ0275  web site email
Somerset-Hunterdon NOW NJ0380     Inactive
South Jersey NOW -- Alice Paul Chapter NJ0385 web site email
Sussex County NOW NJ0400 web site
Trenton Area NOW NJ0425     Inactive
Union County NOW NJ0480 web site email Join this chapter!

Reconciling Feminism and Faith: Growing Up Bisexual in the Methodist Church

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This International Women’s Day NOW Celebrates Activists at Home and Abroad

Activists play the extremely important role of creating and cultivating change in society, sometimes defying strict cultural norms or putting themselves in danger. As the largest organization of feminist grassroots activists in the United States, NOW is dedicated to taking initiative in promoting feminist ideals, leading societal change, and eliminating all forms of discrimination. This... Read more »