Meet Barbara Buono April 7,2013

Shirley Henderson, Treasurer, Morris County NOW and Shelby Brown setting up

Phyllis Inman in the kitchen

Legislative VP Deb Huber in the kitchen

Maretta Short, NJWOCA President and Matt Shapiro, NNJ NOW Board member anbd President, NJTO

Bonnie Shapiro, President, NNJ NOW

Ivy Brown, WOCA VP, and Shelby

Susan Waldman, Morris County NOW Newsletter Editor, setting up

Action VP Vicky Stapleton and Matt

Jenny Scott and Fritz Profit, our entertainers from Essex County College

Rosemary Lontka, Secretary, Morris County NOW

Shirley and Almeta Walker at Registration Table

Ivy addresses the audience

Karen Lontka, Technology VP and President, Morris County NOW and NOW round

Crowd shot with Maretta at kitchen doo

Deb, Jenny and Phyllis with attendees

Vicky greets State Senator Barbara Buono, Democratic Candidate for Governor

Sen. Buono chats with attendee

Sen. Buono and Matt

Vicky at literature table

Sen. Buono with Maretta and Deb

Sen. Buono huddles with Maretta and Deb

Sen. Buono and Bonnie

Barbara Foley, Chair of Combating Racism TF, takes questions for Sen. Buono

Barbara Foley, Chair of Combating Racism TF, takes questions for Sen. Buono

Sen. Buono answers audience questions

Ivy, Barbara,Jenny, Maretta, Sen. Buono, Kevin Ford, and Fritz

Shelby, Jennifer Armiger, President of NOW NJ, Ivy, Barbara, Jenny, Maretta, Sen. Buono, Kevin

Sen. Buono and Jennifer

Maretta introduces Carol Clark, Candidate for Mayor of East Orange

Maretta introduces Almeta Walker, Candidate for First Ward, East Orange City Council

Sen. Buono watching the proceedings

Sen. Buono with NJOPON President Ray Stever

Jennifer addressing the crowd

Deb, Jennifer and Ray

Jennifer and Ray

Maretta, Senator Buono and Pastor Esmay Parchment

Maretta introduces Candidate for Essex County Freeholder Calvin Okwuego (with Almeta Walker)